Verba non Acta

I love tumblr.. I hate facebook

There always seems to be a different tone to a tumblr post and a facebook post. Other than the obvious reasons, I think its just because not all of our ‘friends’ use tumblr so that sort of filters out the shit. 

I’m confused when people argue or take passionate stands on facebook about political issues. facebook is not a place for realpolitik. This is liberal Utopian fantasy to assume that facebook will be the social space where people come together and work out something as complex or important as politics. 

Facebook is a place for people to waste their fucking time. Get attention and stand out to old and new friends. No one gives a shit about political posts on facebook its a place to simplify politics into a simple dichotomy: liberal and conservative. I am always sad or angry when I read people’s posts about politics.. its not a meaningful outlet. its a place to validate and be cathartic with one’s ideology and point fingers at those who do not agree. Real change will occur when people organize and pull the half-wits that run our state government out by the ear and throw them out on their ass. 

its jus politics

When my state senate makes a ridiculous bill like SB 1062…. 

Everyone gets internet angry… 

I live in a state where religious bullies turn the land into a wasteland. 

I am part of a generation that can only get angry on facebook. 

I wonder how much people care? The whole thing is just poster and gesture.

Do you ever get the idea that people just play games at the capitol, and politics (at least in this backward state) is just something the commons can argue about on… facebook. 

I have seen the true power of petitions online… if you’re lucky you can get your favorite tv show put back on the air. 

My thought is our alcoholic governor vetoes the bill if she knows whats good for the people of her state, no matter how stupid, powerless, religious, or homosexual  they are. 

This is the state that passed SB1070 though, and we are still living out our days with the same governor who signed that backward bill into law. This gives me concern that our intoxicated governor will sign anything that reeks of right-wing religious nostalgia. 

This is a sad state to live in sometimes. it is the kind of land where we are brash towards ‘immigrants’, even though our borders crossed them. We are also the type of state that wants to make anti-gay legislation, even though the bill lacks any real power for the right-wing it seems sad that this fucking place has to take time to make “no gays allowed” bills for business. Even though the gay people I know wouldn’t be a part of the tacky establishments that would benefit from this law, I still find in pathetic that we live in a state that is so uncomfortable and backwards that it has to demand for its right to put out whiny little signs declaring their feelings about how other people fuck. 

…. the weird thing. I’m deeply interested in the sex lives of all those who passed this bill and even those who support the bill. I mean maybe not obsessed like the backward man sitting in church but none the less curious. who do these people fuck? What do they hide from us? Do they even fuck? Do they even like their brand of christian fucking? I doubt it.. I doubt everything about these people. Sometimes I wonder the place religion holds in our society. They tell me, the atheist, to accept religion because it helps others and society would be in danger without it… This is where my biggest doubts arise. 

All For The Best

Waking up and the bed was made
No one looked me in the eye
More I try, More I cry
And its all for the best

Watched my brother cutting grass outside
Sitting on the porch he told me
Its a long way to go before we can rest
But its all for the best


You’re so beautiful it sings
On a lonely lazy morning
And when I see you rocking back and forth
Whispering that its all for the best

One day the stone will roll away
Soon you’ll see 
you’re far away from home but never far away from me
And that’s all for the best

(and say you love me)

Promise me, son, not to do the things Ive done
Walk away from trouble
(at the end of the day)

Say you love me
say you love me

Lets just say you love me